Thursday, September 3, 2009

Candles - bad for your diet

No, I don't snack on candles as a routine - though I have been known to inhale them. But yesterday when we stopped at Yankee Candle to get my dad and stepmom a housewarming gift, I found out that candles can get you very, very, hungry. When my daughter and I walked in we immediately were met with scents and colors that rivaled a corner bakery. Vanilla cupcake, Almond Cookie, Autumn Fruits, Pumpkin Spice - can anybody say yum?!

After sniffing as many candles as we possibly could we walked out of there with a few votives, a new scent called Farmer's Market, another called Tropical Fruit, and a hunger that would not quit. We couldn't decide whether we wanted (should have) a nice healthy salad for lunch, or lots of cupcakes, cookies, and pumpkin pie.

After a stop at World Market for Pumpkin Spice coffee, we also walked out with apple strudel. As you can see from this package, someone (not me - really) has thoroughly enjoyed this dessert.
I dug down deep into my pocketbook and pulled out a free coupon from Chik-fil-a. As my darling dauther snacked on the chicken nuggets and waffle fries (ok, I helped her with the waffle fries), I pulled into the grocery store for bread and milk.

I did buy some fresh baked Marco Polo bread, which will accompany the fall stew we are having tonight. But, still having the delicious candle scent firmly in our brains, I also walked out with Maple Walnut scones. These are wonderful - warmed, they are even more wonderful. Paired with the Pumpkin Spice coffee, they are amazing! Sigh, I think I should have sniffed more of the Autumn Fruit, and less of the Vanilla Cupcake and Almond Cookie. Well, off for my daily exercise - very needed today!

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