Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink Christmas

At this time of year, I am often looking for bargains to surprise my family at Christmas. Last year, I was able to find the Guitar Hero with two guitar controllers for my son at a wonderful price. We loved the look on his face when he saw the box since he knew we were having a frugal Christmas. This year I already have the big gift - this time for my recently engaged daughter.
At Kohls this week, the pink artisan series Kitchenaid mixer was on sale for $199. A good deal to begin with, since they are usually $299. But it gets better! Kohls was also offering 15, 20 or 30% off of all purchases, as well as $10 of Kohls bucks for evey $50 spent. And right now there is a $40 Kitchenaid rebate and a $12 magazine rebate. So, here's how we did:

Kitchenaid mixer $199, 20% off was -40,rebate was -40, magazine opt out was -12, Kohl's bucks was -30, so the grand total was (drumroll goes here!), $77!!

Now, you have to like pink for this gift, which darling daughter does. If she ultmately decides to change her color scheme, she can either have it repainted, or cover it over.
Like this:

Now I have the white Kitchenaid mixer. I must admit when I saw the deals Kohls was offering I sat there with a calculator trying to see if I could possibly squeeze a red mixer into my budget. Nope. But my daughter assured me that this was the perfect way to go for our barnyard:

My husband told me that this was the perfect way to dress up my mixer:

I think I'll stick with my white one!

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