Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Traditions - Apple Picking

One of our fall traditions since the children were little has been to go apple picking. Of course, we have to pick a beautiful, sunny fall day and head out to the apple orchard. When we first started going there, we lived about an hour away, but now that we moved out in the country we live only about 20 minutes away - we love that!

Lots of bright orange pumpkins stacked up for sale. We already bought ours, but I thought the display was beautiful.

The view from the orchard is beautiful. Last year I sat on one of the picnic benches with a book and some cool cider. I think I enjoyed sitting there watching the view more than reading my book!

On to pick the apples!

When we where picking apples a little dog came over to say hi. I think my daughter was hoping that the dog was a stray that needed a home, but he certainly knew the way back to the barn. He led us there and we found that he did belong to the farm. He was a cutie, but since I have 3 dogs already, I was glad! Once he did his job and directed us to the barn, he laid down to rest and we went back to picking apples.

Apple picking has also created not only a lot of traditions in our house, but also some new words and phrases. When my daughter was little, she wanted us to sing pumpkin carols and drink apple "spider" as we headed home from the orchard. We still like to drink apple spider but my version of pumpkin carols left a lot to be desired! Oh well! Now we have a lot of apple pie, apple crisp, and applesauce to make!

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