Monday, January 4, 2010

Brrr - it's cold outside

The snow here isn't really blowing since all that is left of our 2 foot snowstorm is piles of the frozen white stuff. But the wind is whipping outside and I can't imagine what the wind chills must be. My plan was to take down all the outside decorations and the Christmas tree. Well, the Christmas tree is down and the wreath and our little soldiers outside are safely away. My dear husband braved the cold to take down a few things on our porch. But if this cold and wind doesn't stop, our outside lights might be there until spring. Not really, but at least until it warms up some. I love winter - from the inside looking out. Warm fireplaces, hot coffee, and a cozy blanket and book suit me just fine.
Our Christmas was lovely and the time off with my husband and teens was wonderful. I received lots of books and have spent a lot of time curled up with them (see paragraph above:). I had planned to do the best books I read in 2009 before 2009 ended and never got to it so I'll try to do that this week. We're expecting another snowstorm later this week, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time!

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